Photo by:  Tyler Branch

Photo by: Tyler Branch

Kayla Vie is actually 93 different clones of Kayla Vie, all of whom are magically capable of being everywhere, and doing EVERYTHING, and reassuring everyone at just the right time. The end results is that you and your guests get to focus on the one thing that is truly needed to make a wedding beautiful, love. I wish I had hired Kayla months before the wedding-- because her intense organizational skills, her incredible interpersonal skills, her on-trend but always original aesthetic sensibilities, and her generosity and kindness would have made life before the wedding easier and more stress free every step of the way. In terms of wedding specific details- Kayla did everything. She was the labor force and site designer in one, personally lifting my giant (probably 3000 ton) driftwood chuppah to make sure it was perfectly placed in the center of the prayer circle on top of our wild mountain ceremony site. She dragged close to an elephant's weight in alcohol up said windy mountain in not one, but three trips, just so the bridal party wouldn't have to worry about transporting temperature and time sensitive product up the mountain before the wedding. She took my burlap table runners off my hands so my apartment wouldn't smell like petroleum, and suggested we not use them after all because they looked gross (they were gross). She brought my fiance's wallet back from the venue after he forgot it was there. She saved paper poppies I made for my mother.  She learned everyone's names (the entire bridal party, all of my aunties who were helping, extended Indian family). She answered thousands of texts, emails, and phone calls from my family, who probably asked all of the same questions (four separate times) that I asked. She saved all the details I wanted and threw out what I didn't want. She got our security deposit back even though our vendors trashed our venue. She hung all of my DIY decorations in a way that made them look like they weren't DIY. She brought me breakfast and lunch, so I wouldn't starve and pass out. She magically appeared with water, beer, food, cake, for me and my husband during the reception, all while managing a personal staff of four, a catering staff that was crazy, a service staff pooled from 3 different hotels, and a timeline that included like 1000 separate vendors and components. She was able to whip into shape two rather unruly vendors as well, by being assertive, calm, and unyielding. She had a backup plan for everything. She was my therapist, my shoulder to lean on, and she was and is my friend. Additionally, she did all of the standard things an event planner should do-- call all vendors to confirm arrival, break down, and setup time.... hang up decor, deal with the insurance folks and venue and all vendors...she makes sure everything you pay for gets to the venue and works (which can be saying a lot esp at our very remote venue). She also creates and manages your timeline, bridal party, vendors, guests, family, Etc etc etc. She is the most reliable person I have ever met. If you think you don't need a wedding planner because you're organized and you can find all of your vendors yourself with your persnickety type A personality, you are about 35% right. What you're missing is the luxury of not having to do so, the reassurance that someone else can do it better, and the savings if you just have Kayla do it for you. On average, the vendors she found were cheaper, more reliable, more stylish, and easier to work with than the vendors I found for myself. In addition, she gets you industry discounts everywhere, so that's another cost savings. And if we're talking money, Kayla Vie event planning charges practically nothing for all the work they put into a wedding. She's got a resume you cannot beat, yet she is the most humble, down to earth, professional you've ever met. She works hard to ensure that the day is about you and the one you love. My wedding really was the most magical, incredible day, and it has set the tone for a beautiful marriage, and I will always be grateful to Kayla and her staff for their part in this incredible part of our lives.

— S + B

Kayla Ton.  Master Class.  Style for days. I'm the worst kind of bridezilla: I want what I want without being able to articulate or visualize concrete details of it (eg.: I want it to be sweet, but not saccharine.  I don't want a DIY feel, but I can only afford to do DIY.  I want everything to be things NO one has seen before.   What the hell does a vendor do with that??).  But Kayla heard me babble about all the things I like and dislike and was able to execute something PERFECT.  She took my blurry vision of our wedding and made it clear and real and made it better. If you want a Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake worthy wedding, but even MORE personal, Kayla's it.  She knows the best of what's out there (think Max Wanger/Jose Villa, Flashdance, Casa de Perrin) and the more budget-friendly alternatives to those if it's hard to spring.  She tells you what you need to hear, but if you still want something ridiculous or impossible you bet your ass she'll hold nothing back in helping you.  But listen to her because Kayla knows best.  What also made me the worst kind of bride was that I was too lazy where it really mattered, we crazy procrastinated.  But Kayla kicks your ass (in the best way possible) and makes sure things get done; she won't let you dwell on decisions too long.  She really helps guide the process in an efficient way without sacrificing what you want, and if she knows it's important to you she'll give you space and time to come to the decision on your own.  But again, Kayla knows best.  This might only be relevant if you were like us and pretty much planned 85% of the wedding in the last three months before the big day. Especially if you're getting married at Marvimon: ask for Kayla because she knows the place and the policies like the back of her hand.


Juicy wedding planner! Kayla really helped to make my wedding as seamless as possible. She has a great personality and is very helpful. Weddings never go as smooth and perfect but she will put her 110% effort in making it magical for you. She genuinely wants the bride and groom to have the best time and handle as much as she can in her power to make the event special and unforgettable. Her pricing is very reasonable and definitely worth it. She goes out if her way to make you happy with her services. Very professional and have a positive outlook on everything. Very happy with how she handled a lot of the mishaps that could have gone totally wrong. She takes charge and gets it done. She has a lot of great ideas and referrals that are very helpful. Definitely recommend her as someone who is responsible and hardworking for your special event.


Kayla coordinated my wedding this past November in Eagle Rock. My husband and I were so happy to have her be part of our wedding planning process. She was extremely helpful, professional, prompt in all her responses and meetings and hilarious during stressful times. She was able to help us secure some of our wedding vendors, who were amazing just like her. Our wedding was executed so well. She was able to incorporate all of our DIY elements, make sure that we started our wedding ceremony and reception on time and ensure that the venue flip was flawless. As a bride, my only job was to enjoy the food, take in the wedding and have fun with our guests. A design wiz, email responder extraordinaire, flip expert and great contact for current, on-trend wedding vendors, Kayla is amazing at what she does and shows her couples time and time again that she is passionate for weddings. Future brides and grooms, you'll be in good hands with her as your wedding coordinator.


Photo by:  Zoom Theory

Photo by: Zoom Theory

Kayla is a super star!  She coordinated our Winter wedding and we couldn't be more thrilled or satisfied with her work.  She kept us organized, helped us hit deadlines and generally kept us on track leading up to the wedding.  She was always there to answer questions and give advice, recommend vendors and give us a reality check when needed.  On our wedding day, I didn't worry about one thing, she had everything completely under control.  It was perfect - and even if there was an issue or glitch on that day - I never knew about it!  She was a life saver.  She even used her Mary Poppins super powers to keep our 3 and 5 year olds in line throughout that long day.  And she has an amazing team who are as detail oriented as she is.  They get the job done with a smile on their face and a reassuring word when needed.  I would highly recommend Kayla to anyone looking for a kick-ass, do it all coordinator.


We feel so fortunate to have had Kayla as our wedding coordinator - she is absolutely amazing as a coordinator and a person. Kayla is a pretty much a superhero! She literally protected us from evil (when we had issues with vendors), arranged all of our DIY projects together to complete our vision of the day (beyond our imagination!) and instilled a full and complete sense of relief and confidence in us that everything would turn out perfectly. Throughout the entire process, Kayla “had our backs” and ultimately, the incredible wedding that we had would not have happened without her pulling it all together. If there is a term for someone who is beyond reliable and organized, all while being super fun, creative and thoughtful, that is Kayla. She consistently went above and beyond when needed to help ensure our day was just as we imagined. We whole-heartedly give her our highest recommendation! 


We are so lucky to have found Kayla! We believe wholeheartedly that our vision would not be translated into reality with any other coordinator. She's been vital throughout the planning process, providing great ideas and practical solutions. She had been our sounding board which was extremely important. Kayla has bubbletude but at the same time some ninja project and people management skills. That being said, Kayla didn't press the schedule or timeline on us though both of us knew we were behind schedule. She remained calm and collected and enthusiastic. Kayla and her staff were extremely important to us on the day of. All the decor that we gave instructions for turned out perfectly. When I first walked out to the backyard where the wedding was held, I just couldn't believe what I saw. Every single detail had been materialized. On top of that, she was able to manage a variety of vendors and friendors since it was very much a DIY wedding to the core. She did her job with grace and charm. And on top of all that, she managed to make sure that we, the bride and the groom, were taken care of, hydrating us with our signature young coconuts and feeding us. I know that a lot of brides and grooms went hungry the day of, but not us because we had Kayla!!! Our guests loved Kayla as well. We're trying to adopt her into the family. It's been only one week after the wedding and we already miss her!!! 


Kayla, dear Kayla. Jeezy creezy, Kayla. Everybody tells you horror stories about things going wrong at a wedding. Everybody tells you the day-of will be a mess. Don't listen to that crap. Our wedding was completely and utterly perfect. Kayla was with us from the very start. Knowledgeable, accommodating, encouraging. She walked us through what we needed, prodded us when we weren't moving fast enough, and helped us when we got confused. She made the whole stressful process into something that was manageable and way better than what we would have done on our own. And day-of? Holy crap. Perfect. Things moved without me even noticing, and everybody was so happy.


Photo by:  Jessica Wood

Photo by: Jessica Wood